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"Everybody wants to be a cat."
"Negativity is never the optimum way of dealing with any situation. In fact, in most cases it keeps you stuck in it, blocking real change. Anything that is done with negative energy will become contaminated by it and in time give rise to more pain, more unhappiness. Furthermore, any negative inner state is contagious: Unhappiness spreads more easily than a physical disease."
Eckhart Tolle (via thecalminside)

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I’m up in the woods
I’m down on my mind 
I’m building a sill
To slow down the time
Wine icecream and my best friend. Can’t get any better

By Tomiyuki Sakuta

I am going off to be a camp counselor in a week or so at a sleepaway camp for at-risk kids (6-10 yr olds). we are all assigned a camper but we all hang out together. I am expected to bring a small gift or a little something for my camper, but idk what? any ideas?